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I found myself anxious, angry and a bit ashamed.  I was sitting in the Principles office, for the umpteenth time, with the same attendants, different people but the same rolls, the independent education program coordinator the classroom assistant and the Principal herself. This had been my life for years.


We were meeting to discuss my sons ongoing behavior in school again.  This time he had trashed a computer and lashed out violently towards his teacher.


I was scared he was going to be temporarily suspended  which would set off a chain reaction of chaos.


I was a working single parent who relied on one person me. I had little support to fall back on, my situation was a fine balance and there was no room for anything to be out of line.


My son had been labelled from his early childhood with ODD, oppositional Defiance Disorder, as well the label ADD, Attention deficit disorder, he struggled with anger, and self regulation.  It was heartbreaking as a mother to know my son was at times so unhappy he had no options but to lash out, only to feel terrible when his emotions regulated and he calmed down.


It is thru these experiences raising my son that my passion for helping Moms and Dads to understand their children was developed.  I can teach you to recognize what triggers will set your child off and discover strategies to mitigate the fallout of your child's behaviours.


It is my intention to help you regain control over your families life, help your child maintain their calm and bring back the peace to your household.


As a registered counsellor I am confident I can help your family move forward in a less chaotic, much happier, peaceful home.



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