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I am a Registered Counsellor, living in Hanover, Ontario, where I am in private practice. I have been practicing for 8 years, which seems a short time; however, in my 63 years I have seen and pretty well done it all.  I have a special interest in childhood development, family dynamics and child behavior. I have first-hand knowledge of divorce and the difficulties that arise from the transition of the family breaking apart. I know the confusion that takes over when life gets overwhelming. I work tirelessly and passionately with my clients to create an atmosphere in our sessions that help my clients understand their struggles and give a new perspective to the issues and build strategies to sustain the calm in between sessions. 

I work towards solutions; I am passionate about meaningful growth, sustainable change and personal self-awareness. It is important to me that you don't spend more time than is absolutely necessary in counselling.   -Life is short!


I work with you to ensure you enjoy it as much and as happily as possible. My goal is to help you get out in the world being whole and feeling confident in your ability to sustain that happiness.

My work with children is my greatest joy. Helping you reconnect with your child, after perhaps years of dealing with challenging behavior you don't understand and that has become increasingly difficult. This is where we will do some great work. Teaching you strategies to help you and your child navigate his anger and explosive moments, and teaching new and interesting parental coaching skills is the focus, in an effort to regain the calm within the home and your relationship.

In my time I've learned two things to be true, everyone needs someone to talk to outside of their immediate circle and everyone needs to be heard. I am here to listen and to hear you. Reach out and we'll get started on your sustainable counselling journey. 


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