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My office is located in my home, creating a relaxed, natural environment where we can work together in helping you overcome the struggles you bring with you to the counselling session. 

Child Behaviour and Family Dynamics:

My belief is there is always a reason for the behaviour, it is my mission to help you and your child find what it is that is causing his or her maladaptive behaviour. 



After a year or so of our young son seeing a counsellor, it became apparent that it wasn’t as effective as it was in the beginning.  Our son was 7 when we started this journey.  

I began to search for other services and found Geri’s website.  We were experiencing great behavioral challenges with our son, anxiety, panic attacks, anger outburst and rage, sleep disturbance, power struggles, manipulation. What was different with Geri was the process of counselling both the child and the parents.  While our son had his sessions, she was able to help him understand and recognize his big feelings and taught him techniques to deal with them. He loved going to see Mrs. Geri!  During our parenting sessions Geri was able to give insight on why these behaviors were occurring and provide us with understanding and skills to address the behavior.

I feel her lived experiences combined with her education and knowledge is what truly helped us to understand and better deal with our situation. I had many lightbulb moments that opened my eyes to things I wasn’t seeing before and in turn, this helped our family overcome our challenges.  There were often times when I was in crisis and was able to reach out for support, via text or email, Geri always responded very quickly. I’m forever grateful to Geri, her expertise and her wisdom.

Susan mother to Mason


Individual Counselling:

There are always going to be times in our lives where we need help navigating the tough stuff. If you are finding life to be overwhelming, I would be honored to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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