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Parental Coaching


The field of Parental coaching is always changing mostly due to the deeper understanding of brain development.


In recent studies the findings are fascinating.  We find early childhood trauma and behavior are directly connected to brain development. In my work I have found early medical trauma can and in most cases does cause emerging challenging behavior between the ages of 6-8.  A medical trauma experienced by the child can be anything from premature birth, to surgery to multiple medical testing before the age of 4. 


If you struggle with a child with severe challenging behaviors there is hope for reconnection thru understanding and highly effective strategies. I use a number of techniques to build trust with your child so they look forward to coming into session. 


If you are in the Hanover or Walkerton, Grey Bruce area, I am here to chat, to listen and to really hear you and help create a sustainable counselling experience, for you and your child. click the link to get strted on your sustainable counselling journey.

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