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Parental Coaching

"The morning routine is chaos, it might not start that way but soon goes off the rails into a full blown train off the tracks scenario. The kids won't eat, they complain, they won't get dressed, they won't help, it's chaos. Your husband or wife has left for work and you're trying desperately to get the kids out to the bus pick up site without losing your cool, yet again.  It's just not working, why is it always like this.  I can tell you why, misunderstanding, not knowing your childs  particular setbacks. There is nothing wrong, it's a simple fix, but it needs to come from within. Knowing your childs personality as well as your own helps to calm the chaos, whether it's school day mornings, dinner time or bedtime, these are all stressors for a child who has difficulty transitioning from one activity to another, or who just doesn't cope well with stress. 

Our parenting style lends a lot to this equation  and if the behavior is approached from the angle which best suits your childs  way of processing, these transitions can be made much easier"


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