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Mind Set

Growth Mind set and Fixed Mind Set.....The Differences, The Benefits and Draw Backs........

Have you often thought, "Oh I can't do this, what's the point in trying?" This is known as fixed mind set. This mindset is fueled by hopelessness, a sense of If I can't do this now, I'll never be able to do this. The idea of learning to do something is not part of the learning process, making new things very scary, and often keeps us from achieving anything more than what we are already able to do at first try.

This is very debilitating, specially for children, it causes a great deal of difficulty in their school work and household chores, creating discipline problems at home. Identifying the type of mind set we are working with, personally, or in our children, can go along way in helping avoid problems. Helping our child identify, or understand their mindset helps them to know themselves and why they react to certain situations in a negative way, giving them hope for change and growth.

The growth mind set is just that, it is the mind that does not shut down when something new is introduced. It does not say, "nope not doing it, can't do it" This mind knows not everything happens all at once, but is willing to work at achieving a level of mastery. This mind is not afraid. The person with a growth mindset is often the person who is very adventurous in many ways, and tries many things, goes many places and has many interests. We find the child with a growth mindset to be easy going and unafraid of new things. Sometimes, however, a Child with this mindset can take on too much and do to many things. Be overly adventurous putting themselves in danger. Or becoming over whelmed with to many things going on all at once.

Growth mindset, is not better than fixed mindset, just different. Fixed mindset, although more challenging at times, simply needs different understanding, children particularly need different parenting styles. With understanding and compassion a parent can truly turn a Childs interaction with themselves and the outside world completely around.

As with all things understanding usually brings peace.


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